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In Memory Of Annette Nelson

It is with profound sadness the the Board of Directors of the Davignon Charitable Fund has suffered the loss of founding member and dearest friend, Annette Nelson.  Annette passed away in February, 2017.  Annette was a guiding member of the Board, she had the knowledge and expertise that provided the Davignon Charitable Fund with much needed direction.  She was instrumental in setting goals and directing our focus.  Annette continued to be a steady, professional and wonderful friend.  We all miss and love you.

Annette Nelson (1959-2017) was a beloved member of our board. During her time with us, she the lead on investigating the financial and program soundness for all of our grants enabling us to be confident that our dollars were going to be used for the best purposesi. Her spirit lives on in our ongoing and new initiatives, as well as our hearts. We will miss her beautiful smile, her energetic spirit, her dedication to serving others, and the way she made each and every one of us feel valued and important.

Recently, Annette’s daughter, Lauren Nelson agreed to carry on Annette’s legacy, she joined the Davignon Charitable Fund’s Board of Directors in May, 2017.


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Leslie McLaughlin


Leslie McLaughlin, President of the Davignon Charitable Fund, designed and developed the Davignon Charitable Fund (DCF) in 2003 in order to pay homage to her parents’ philanthropic interests. Most of her professional experience was as the media producer for the National Conference of State Legislatures. Since leaving full-time employment, Leslie has devoted her time and energy to volunteering. She has served on the board of directors of the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center and Adaptive Adventures. Additionally, while living in Colorado, she was an active volunteer for the National Sports Center for the Disabled’s Winter programs.  Leslie holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Denver.

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Christina Bos

Board Member

Christina Bos shares her expertise in graphic and web design with the Davignon Charitable Fund. Her experience working with nonprofits spans over 20 years. Christina relocated to Colorado in 2001 and quickly found an opportunity to combine her love of outdoor activities with philanthropy by dedicating her time to the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Her work with organizations that focus on disabled recreation opportunities expanded to include the Boulder Parks and Recreation’s Adaptive Water Ski Program.  In 2004, Christina was named Volunteer of the Year at Adaptive Adventures. Christina has also worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a reporting and data analyst and holds a B.A. in Marketing from Michigan State University.


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Judi Buterbaugh

Board Member

Judi Buterbaugh joined the Board of Directors in June, 2016.  Judi has spent most of her professional career being the Program Director at the Village Health and Racquet Club in Phoenix.  She has extensive experience working with a diverse group of people including staff and members from various backgrounds and interests.  Judi is very active in the animal welfare community and is our liaison between the Davignon Charitable Fund and the many charitable organizations we fund in the Valley.

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Lauren Nelson

Board Member

Lauren’s passion for serving others began at a young age. With volunteer experience across the board, including Best Buddies, Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute, SOS Outreach, and Minds Matter, Lauren brings diversity in experience and depth to the DCF board. Now in the technology sector, Lauren helped build out a software donation and enablement program for nonprofit organizations and supported the Corporate Social Responsibility team. She now tackles other strategic sales initiatives on the Sales Planning and Analysis team at Oracle + NetSuite, and has a BA in Economics from Colorado College.

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Stephen McLaughlin

Board Member

Stephen McLaughlin provides legal counsel and financial guidance to the Davignon Charitable Fund. Stephen currently works for the preeminent private equity firm involved in virtually every financial aspect of the home building industry. Stephen has extensive volunteer experience in municipal governments: the Board of Adjustment for the city of Westminster and the Planning Commission for the city of Thornton.  Stephen holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Denver, an M.A. in Urban Planning and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado, and a J.D. from the Franklin Pierce Law School at the University of New Hampshire.