Our Mission

The mission of the Davignon Charitable Fund (DCF) is to provide financial support to individuals and organizations that educate, enhance, and assist: people with physical disabilities; soldiers wounded in the Post-911 Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the families of these brave men and women; and organizations that support animals through prevention of cruelty and homelessness.

How We Work

The Davignon Charitable Fund provides grants to organizations and individuals who have clearly-defined goals and a long-range strategic plan that is sustainable with or without financial assistance from the DCF. Our Board of Directors selects non-profits in Arizona and Colorado, researches the potential recipients’ mission, goals, objectives, and financial stability, including an interview and site visit as appropriate.  The Board of Directors also peridically visits the recipeints’ programs and volunteers or performs acts of service.

Organizations must have IRS 501 (c)(3) status and be in good standing with the IRS and their Secretary of State’s office. The Board meets 4 times during the year and distributes grants at those meetings.

DCF does not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or applications for funding.

Founders Dean and Shirley Davignon

Founders Shirley and Dean Davignon with their dog, Sara


The Davignon Charitable Fund was founded by Shirley and Dean Davignon as a family-operated foundation in order to help people who face physical challenges, animals that need voices, and the heroes who serve our country. Currently, DCF is only serving organizations and individuals in Arizona and Colorado.  The Davignon Charitable Fund was established in 2003 to further the philanthropic goals of the Davignon family.